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Online to offline intervention program will stem domestic terror threats by helping individuals exit extremist groups and reintegrate into society without violence

September 16, 2020 … The Department of Homeland Security has awarded Life After Hate a two-year, $750,000 grant to support implementation of its nationwide intervention and aftercare program, ExitUSA, as well as outreach and training efforts to prevent violent white supremacist extremism. 

Life After Hate—the first nonprofit in North America dedicated to helping individuals leave the violent far-right—is one of two dozen organizations awarded a total of $10 million to help identify and stem targeted violence and domestic terrorism.

“This project follows years of innovation in a space that was largely uncharted,” said Sammy Rangel, former executive director of Life After Hate. “And it’s built on an investment in a world class team of dedicated formers and empathic direct service professionals.

“But we also know that we can’t meet the needs of the country alone. And so we look forward to collaborating with Moonshot CVE and other technical experts to charter a new path in a field that has never been more important.”

Life After Hate was founded in 2011 by former violent white supremacist and other extremists who came together with a singular cause: To make sure that no one would ever have to exit a hate group alone. Since then we have helped hundreds of men, women and their families grapple with the obstacles to exit and reintegration.