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Meet Life After Hate

March 2020

Right Now, People Are Pretty Fragile.’
How Coronavirus Creates the Perfect Breeding Ground for Online Extremism

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November 2019

How Angela King is helping
others exit the violent far-right

Pegasus: The Magazine of the University of Central Florida / Read Full Interview

January 2019

Masculinity And U.S. Extremism: What makes young men vulnerable to toxic ideologies

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January 2019

Life After Hate

Larry King Now / Watch Full Interview

November 2018

Is there a cure for hate?

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April 2017

Trauma leaves us with a belief system that forms part of our identity. I call it toxic shame.

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January 2018

As former members of extremist groups themselves, Sammy Rangel and his colleagues at Life After Hate bring an insider’s understanding to their work.

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August 2017

Angela King was all too aware of the hurdles people wishing to leave white supremacist groups had to overcome. She had tried to walk away following the Oklahoma bombing in 1995.

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April 2018

After the 2016 election, Life After Hate received a 20-fold increase in requests from people worried their friends or family members might be becoming extremists.

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November 2017

I wish I had access to those messages beforehand. How do you live inside that negativity all the time? You just can’t.

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April 2018

I’m using what I’ve done, what’s happened to me, my knowledge, to help bring people out of the alt-right movement, out of violent gangs, out of the street life.

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August 2018

We offer compassion without judgment, but compassion accompanied by healthy boundaries and consequences. We give people counseling and work, often in service to the community they’ve wronged.

 The (Charlottesville) Daily Progress / Read Full Article

July 2018

There’s no academic way of making someone compassionate. It happens through experience.

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