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Meet Life After Hate

February 2024

We Can’t Ignore These Fascists, or Normalize Them

The Boston Globe / Read Full Story

February 2024

Experts Alarmed After Texas Border “Invaded” by Far-Right “God’s Army” Convoy

Salon / Read Full Story

January 2024

The Standard Sentence for Most Crimes in Oregon? Probation, Not Jail Time

The Oregonian / Read Full Story

September 2023

Domestic Terrorism Threats on the Rise in the US

Channel News Asia / Read Full Story

September 2023

Life After Hate

Business Connect India / Read Full Story

September 2023

Can the LGBTQ+ Community Fight Hate with Love?

Los Angeles Times / Read Full Story

April 2023

The Cure for Hate: Bearing Witness to Auschwitz

Film Threat / Read Full Story

April 2023

Temple to host Holocaust remembrance event

Villages-News / Read Full Story

April 2023

Ceremony focuses on fighting antisemitism

The Villages Daily Sun / Read Full Story

April 2023

#CancelHate movement: PureSquare and Life After Hate team up to combat online hate and promote a kinder world / Read Full Story

March 2023

Antisemitism: A Gateway to Violent Exremism

Patrick Riccards (CEO) for Medium / Read Full Story

March 2023

Life After Hate Details Best Practice for Using Former Violent Extremists as Peer Mentors; Demands Greater Professionalism, Oversight in Disengagement Work

Non Profit Wire / Read Full Story

March 2023

‘This is neo-Nazi ideology on display’: Is Florida in danger of being taken over by the far-right?

Sky News / Read Full Story

March 2023

Vancouver Jewish Film Festival offers a sneak peek at The Cure for Hate

stir / Read Full Story

March 2023

LifeAfter Hate: Helping People Exit A Life Of Hate

CEO Views / Read Full Story

February 2023

Life After Hate is Making a Difference in Combating Violent Far-Right Extremism

CREDO Blog/ Read Full Story

December 2022

Report: Fired Georgia firefighter regretted extremist ties

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Read Full Story

December 2022

Confronting, Not Just Condemning, Violent Far-Right Extremism

Medium / Read Full Story

December 2022

A Leader Fighting for A Cause | Patrick R. Riccards

The CEO Publication / Read Full Story

December 2022

For those seeking to escape extremist groups, the path out is often uncertain

Orlando Sentinel / Read Full Story

December 2022

“I spent five years in a white power gang”: Inside the twisted world of Toronto’s white supremacist movement

Toronto Life / Read Full Story

December 2022

Nonprofit helps people leave extremist groups

CBS News / Read Full Report

December 2022

Disengaging from Violent Far Right Extremism

Law and Disorder / Read Full Story

September 2022

Disney Drag Brunch Canceled After Targeted by Right-Wing Trolls

Advocate / Read Full Story


September 2022

Patriot Front Replaces Lawyer of Choice with Extremist

Splcenter / Read Full Story


August 2022

10 years after Sikh temple shooting, a victim’s son and a former white supremacist speak out against hate

NBC News / Read Full Story


August 2022

Thanks to Charlottesville, We Know There is Life After Hate

Medium / Read Full Story


May 2022

Radicalization rehab: A group helping people escape hate

NewsNation / Read Full Story

May 2022

The Great Replacement and the Far-Right Music Scene

Global Network on Extremism & Technology / Read Full Report

September 2021

Walking Away From Hate: Reflections

Ontario Tech University / Read Full Report

August 2021

Former Whitby white supremacist learns to walk away from hate, shares tips

Durham Region / Read Full Story

February 2021

An Ex-Neo-Nazi on De-radicalization

WYNC Studios / Read Full Story

November 2020

Hate-Motivated Behavior: Impacts, Risk Factors, And Interventions

Health Affairs / Read Full Article

August 2020

Sounds Like Hate

Southern Poverty Law Center / Listen Here

March 2020

Right Now, People Are Pretty Fragile.’
How Coronavirus Creates the Perfect Breeding Ground for Online Extremism

Time / Read Full Story

November 2019

Samantha’s Journey Into the Alt-Right, and Back

WNYC Studios / Listen Here

December 2019

Converging Patterns in Pathways in and out of Violent Extremism: Insights from Former Canadian Right-Wing Extremists

Perspectives on Terrorism / Read Full Story

October 2019

She went from a liberal non-voter to burning books with white supremacists. Here’s why she finally left the movement.

CNN / Read Full Story

January 2019

Masculinity And U.S. Extremism: What makes young men vulnerable to toxic ideologies

NPR / Read Full Interview

January 2019

Life After Hate

Larry King Now / Watch Full Interview

December 2018

Understanding the Micro-Situational Dynamics of White Supremacist Violence in the United States

Perspectives on Terrorism / Read Full Article

November 2018

Is there a cure for hate?

NPR / Read Full Article

August 2018

We offer compassion without judgment, but compassion accompanied by healthy boundaries and consequences. We give people counseling and work, often in service to the community they’ve wronged.

 The (Charlottesville) Daily Progress / Read Full Article

July 2018

There’s no academic way of making someone compassionate. It happens through experience.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Read Full Article

April 2018

After the 2016 election, Life After Hate received a 20-fold increase in requests from people worried their friends or family members might be becoming extremists.

The Week / Read Full Article

April 2018

I’m using what I’ve done, what’s happened to me, my knowledge, to help bring people out of the alt-right movement, out of violent gangs, out of the street life.

Clarion Ledger / Read Full Article

January 2018

As former members of extremist groups themselves, Sammy Rangel and his colleagues at Life After Hate bring an insider’s understanding to their work.

Waging Nonviolence / Read Full Article

November 2017

I wish I had access to those messages beforehand. How do you live inside that negativity all the time? You just can’t.

Toronto Star / Read Full Article

August 2017

Angela King was all too aware of the hurdles people wishing to leave white supremacist groups had to overcome. She had tried to walk away following the Oklahoma bombing in 1995.

BBC News / Read Full Article

April 2017

Trauma leaves us with a belief system that forms part of our identity. I call it toxic shame.

The Guardian / Read Full Article