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No judgment.
Just help.

If you’re ready to leave hate and violence behind, we’re here to support you. At ExitUSA™, we are dedicated to helping individuals leave the white power movement and start building a more fulfilling and positive life, just like we did.


It is possible to leave.

Our team is made up of people who were part of the white power movement, but got out before it destroyed us and those we love. We left, and you can too. We’re here to share with you that it is possible to change and have a better life.


We can help.

We’re here to support you when you decide to walk away from hate and racism. Whether you are ready to leave the white power movement, want to help a friend or family member who needs help breaking away, or are just curious to know more—we’re here to talk. Our team of “Formers” is dedicated to helping you get the support and skills you need to build a new life, free from hate.


Let's talk.

If you, or someone you know, are ready to leave racism and violence behind, we’re ready to help. Please provide us with some contact information so one of our team members can contact you privately. Your information will not be shared.


You can also call or text us at 612-888-EXIT (3948)


About ExitUSA

Disengaging from a hate group is a difficult task and takes the support of an entire community. ExitUSA is dedicated to helping individuals who wish to leave the white power movement and build a more positive life. 

Founded and run by former hate group members who have led successful post-movement lives, ExitUSA provides support to individuals who are looking to leave racism and violence behind. The organization uses a variety of strategies, including public awareness campaigns, individualized education and job training programs, and leveraging strategic community partnerships to help individuals get their lives back on track and on their way to making positive contributions to society.