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Announcing the Center for Exiting Violent Antisemitism

Through our research and our tertiary intervention programs, it has become clear that violent antisemitism is a top driver of violent extremism (VE) today. Building on our mission and decade-long track record of helping individuals disengage and deradicalize from VE, we have identified an acute need to address violence as a result of antisemitic ideology, resulting in the establishment of our Center for Exiting Violent Antisemitism.

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Ending violence through compassion.

Life After Hate is a leader in the violence intervention community. We are the first nonprofit in the U.S. dedicated to helping individuals disengage from violent far-right hate groups and hateful online spaces. Since its founding in 2011, Life After Hate has expanded its services to include family members of individuals who are involved with the violent far right or are disengaging.

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This people-powered AI platform reduced hate tweets by over 20 million impressions. Now it enters its next phase.


How we’re changing lives

A central part of our mission is our innovative approach to interventions. Our multidisciplinary team model combines formers and mental health practitioners to help individuals identify what they need to leave hate and violence and set and manage their goals to restore their lives.


Why it

Our direct-service work combatting violent extremism helps establish a safer and more resilient nation. Individuals who do not disengage from hate groups or hateful online spaces are more likely to commit acts of violence. They are also likely to contribute to a toxic online environment that encourages others to violence.



You are an important part of the process.

Learn how you can support your loved one’s journey to compassion. The techniques outlined in this guide are helpful at starting—and maintaining—difficult conversations.

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I own my mistakes but have compassion for myself — I’ve stepped into the human being I am today.

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The need has never been greater.

In a recent three-month period, we received 60 requests for services. In that same period, we held more than 250 meetings with our current caseload. This work is labor-intensive, and our clients often benefit from between 12 – 18 months of services.

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our values


As a community founded by formers, we care deeply for those seeking a pathway out of violent extremism. Our past experiences, rehumanization and growth help us understand and mentor those who are still navigating the path to wholeness. Compassion is the basis for promoting individual and societal prosperity without violence.


We listen with open minds and hearts to the journeys and experiences of others because we are committed to creating an environment that supports change and healing. While we never condone hurtful actions, we also do not condemn the human being.


By way of ethical standards, responsible leadership, and continuous internal accountability audits, we endeavor to do the right thing on behalf of ourselves as individuals, the communities we serve, and all stakeholders.


Those who take responsibility for their journey create the possibility for redemption. We inspire and sustain individual change by forgiving and empowering. The greatest challenge is in opening the door to a new life, and we are committed to supporting honest efforts of individuals to renew their lives.


Accountability is the pathway to redemption. It transcends punishment, and exists independent of forgiveness. It empowers us to move beyond the grief of knowing how our past choices inform current events. It is the lifelong commitment to action that adds good to the world; and to calling out inaction and refusing to turn a blind eye to the pain of our fellow human beings.


Lift Love Over Hate

If you’re ready to leave hate and violence behind, we’re here to support you. No judgment, just help.

See the change we’re making together. Sign up for updates on our work, and important news about violent extremism.

We rely entirely on the support of people who believe kindness and compassion can change the communities we live in.

Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between equals.

Pema Chödrön,


Formers as Peer Mentors

Read Life After Hate’s framework outlining the best practices for using former violent extremists as peer mentors in the disengagement and deradicalization space.

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Award-winning filmmaker Peter Hutchison’s documentary Healing From Hate.