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The Center for Exiting Violent Antisemitism

In 2023, the United States saw, in just two months, the highest number of antisemitic hate crimes on record since the ADL began tracking such data in 1979. Through our research, and tertiary intervention programming, it is clear that violent antisemitism is a top driver of violent extremism today.

Antisemitic incidents rose 36% YOY in 2022 and are expected to be at an all time high in 2023.

Source: Statista

A Serious Problem Mandates a Serious Response

Violent antisemitism, like all violent extremism, is a clear and present danger to our nation, demanding our focus, our time, our understanding, and our solutions. For too long, too many have excused such actions–from a swastika sprayed on a wall to a military-style assault on a place of worship–seeking to portray them as an exception to how our civil society operates. With the opening of this Center, we seek to spotlight this serious and growing problem, and in so doing, making clear that this is a direct threat that we must acknowledge and that there are actionable solutions to reduce the violent acts that can result from hateful ideology.

Imperative Mission, Ambitious Goals

“Those who allow their hate to manifest itself into acts of violent extremism know all too well of hate’s power.”

CEO Patrick Riccards speaks at the Central Florida Holocaust Remembrance Event in April 2023

We’re in This Together

Life After Hate is committed to combating violent extremism in order to establish a safer, more resilient nation. The words and actions spewed by Violent Antisemitism are growing in both number and impact in this nation. The only way to send Violent Antisemitism into retreat is to ensure that its threat and negative impacts are not minimized, and that it is treated as the domestic terrorism that it is and receives the focus, attention, and resources that such terrorism demands. Help us achieve this mission. Donate today.