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CHICAGO (May 8, 2023) – The following statement was released by Life After Hate CEO Patrick Riccards in response to recent horrific events in Texas. 

“This past weekend in Texas, we were again reminded of the power of hate and extremism manifesting itself into violent actions that can destroy lives and our communities. As law enforcement continues to investigate the heinous acts of violence at a shopping mall and at the border, extremist ideology has stepped to the front of the line of potential motivations.

What we know today, is that somewhere, someone in this country has seen the devastation and trauma caused by an act of violent extremism and is now questioning their involvement in extremist groups or online hate spaces. 

There are pathways out of these lives of violent hate for those who are willing to examine their lives, take accountability for their actions, and make the changes necessary to rejoin our civil society. As the nation’s leader in helping individuals disengage and deradicalize from violent extremism, Life After Hate is committed to helping those individuals, as well as the family and loved ones in their orbit, make the sort of changes necessary to exit their lives of violent extremism. 

Change is hard, but it is possible. And Life After Hate is here to help.”