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The Daily Former Podcast Provides an “Under-the-Hood” Look at Why Individuals Join Extremist Groups, Their Experiences in Hate Groups, and How They Exited 

CHICAGO (May 1, 2023) — With acts of violent extremism continuing to rise in the United States, Life After Hate today launched a new podcast and community, The Daily Former, focused on the experiences of those who have successfully left violent far-right extremist (VFRE) groups and online hate spaces for good. 

Life After Hate has more than a decade of experience that has demonstrated the power of personal stories and the voices of formers in showing current extremists that it’s not only possible to exit, it is worth it. 

“While we cannot cure hate, we can show that there are pathways out of lives of violent extremism,” Life After Hate CEO Patrick Riccards said, “Through compassion and empathy with accountability, Life After Hate has proven their redemption is possible. Nothing is more powerful than hearing directly from those who have taken responsibility for their pasts, learning from their experiences, told in their own words.”

The Daily Former was developed to provide a safe and inclusive community that offers a supportive environment for people who want to leave violent extremism behind and start a new life. Listeners will hear directly from former VFRE members, family members of former extremists, and experts in VFRE, exploring real experiences and demonstrating to those currently involved in VFRE that they can write a new chapter in their lives by taking accountability for their past actions and committing to positive change. 

The combination of lived experience and commitment to helping others makes Samantha uniquely qualified to serve as Editor in Chief of The Daily Former. “The Daily Former is meant to be the bridge between leaving and being gone,” said Samantha,  “It’s a place where people can find hope, community and a grounded way forward.”

The Daily Former is committed to providing a safe space for individuals seeking to leave behind violent far-right extremism and reintegrate into society. Founded on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to  earn a second chance, the podcast and the community provide compassion and accountability for formers through stories, reflection, and self-examination.

“For individuals struggling with doubts about their involvement in far-right extremism, those in early exit who know they want to leave but are unsure of how to do so, and other formers who have successfully left far-right extremism, The Daily Former offers hope and support,” Samantha said. “The fear of stigma and rejection from society can be overwhelming, but The Daily Former believes in the power of community to help individuals move forward and start anew.”

At Life After Hate we hope that individuals will take the opportunity to change and leave a life of antisemitism, white supremacy, misogyny, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-Muslim, and anti-government beliefs behind before more lives are lost.

For more information, please visit our website at and listen to the Daily Former Podcast here.


Katy Butler 

Communication Director, Life After Hate

Facebook: @thedailyformer

Instagram: @thedailyformer

Twitter: @thedailyformer