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As stewards of community service, the Life After Hate team is taking comprehensive measures to ensure our employees and services continue to operate at the highest levels of performance and support as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve.

Governance is critical in times of uncertainty, and we want to make sure our clients and partners know that they can confidently rely on Life After Hate during this time. To provide greater visibility and assurance, we are highlighting a few ways Life After Hate is upholding its devotion to supporting our community, partners and employees.

Protecting Our Workforce

Life After Hate has restricted all non-essential travel, until risks have subsided. Executive leadership has emphasized the importance of following CDC and WHO recommendations to ensure safety. Life After Hate has also adjusted its internal work structure to limit potential risks in the workplace.

As such, we will continue to provide client support and services through our virtual systems as usual, while traveling for in-person meetings will be suspended. The health and safety of our employees are of the utmost importance.

As the situation evolves, the Life After Hate leadership team is ensuring that every employee has the tools and technology to work remotely to maintain engagement continuity. As a virtual organization, spread out all over the world, we work to improve the remote work of organizational operations.

Life After Hate uses the best-in-class tools for collaboration, audio and video communication, messaging, and secure identity, along with other business-critical technologies.

Secure Communications

So many people rely on the multifaceted suite of services provided by our team. Recognizing that threats to operations and business continuity are ever present, Life After Hate emphasizes privacy, confidentiality and reliability as guiding principles for its people and for the services and partnerships entrusted to us.

We are committed to maintaining most of our service levels of availability, access, and security, nationally and globally, despite any virus-related challenges that we face. This includes seamless engagement with those we partner with and provide services for.

Support Resources

We know that our presence in the community and the resources we make available to those we partner with and serve are mission critical. Therefore, we want to assure all our partners that our teams will continue to operate as normal and are available to assist with any and all requests, aside from traveling. We highly value your partnership with Life After Hate. We are always here to support our community’s wellbeing, especially during periods of uncertainty.