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Nine million. That’s the number of hate impressions that have been eliminated from Twitter thanks to #WeCounterHate and the innovative A.I. technology that powers it.

And, even better, that number continues to grow.

So while you’ve likely come across stories about how major tech companies are grappling with hate speech, what you may have missed — at least on Twitter — is that one campaign is successfully turning the tide on hate speech.

We first told you about We Counter Hate earlier this year when we helped launch it with Possible, a creative agency based in Seattle. It’s a donation platform that slows the spread of hate speech by making people think twice about retweeting it.

Just over eight months since the campaign went live, the results are staggering.

Here’s a snapshot:


Overall tweet impressions are down by more than 9 million. Essentially, 9 million fewer people have been exposed to hate speech because of this platform.


Rate reduction at which “countered” tweets — tweets that We Counter Hate recognized as hate speech — were retweeted.


Percentage of those tweets that were ultimately deleted.


Percentage of accounts suspended after a tweet was countered.

To learn more about We Counter Hate, visit the website. You can commit to the campaign here.