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Last year, hate speech on Twitter eclipsed tweets about the Super Bowl, Major League Baseball and even Game of Thrones. 

It has become one of the preferred megaphones for extremist hate groups to spread their ideology. That’s why we were excited when the creative agency POSSIBLE approached us about an innovative way to slow the spread of hate online.

They focused on turning one of the favorite tools of hate groups into a powerful change-agent by making retweets of their message contribute positively to the thing they despise most: the quest for equality.

Here’s how it works:

“Until now, we have felt that there wasn’t a balance between the presence of online hate speech and respecting a person’s right to use hate speech directed at others,” says Sammy Rangel, the executive director of Life After Hate.

“We have created a moment of reflection between thinking of sharing and pressing the button to share a hateful message meant to dehumanize others. But it’s much more than that. We are bearing witness and inserting a narrative that can restore the much needed balance that has been missing from virtual reality.”

To learn more about We Counter Hate, visit the website. You can commit to the campaign here.