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Change is possible

Imagine your son, husband, wife, or loved one has chosen a path of violence and hatred. What would you do? Who would you reach out to? Where would you look to help?

Life After Hate is helping individuals disengage from violent far-right extremist hate groups and hateful online spaces.

Life After Hate is providing help and resources to friends and families who have loved ones that are involved in the violent far right.

There is a growing demand for Life After Hate and our services. With your generous support, we can continue our crucial work combatting violent extremism to establish a safer and more resilient nation.


Harnessing the power of change


“True reconciliation means our facts can be different at the same time, our dissimilar ideas existing in complete harmony.
If only we let them.”

— Jeanette Manning / Parent of Former

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“There is a peaceful army of us at the ready to ensure that we continue to endure, in the spirit of understanding and with the belief that even the most difficult change is possible when we do it together.”

— Angela King / Life After Hate Programs Director / Former

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“For formers who work directly with others, the road can be tricky. A former has plenty of obstacles to maneuver around, not least of which is the limits of their experience and training. But ultimately formers are an integral part of a strategy that combines outreach, education and mentorship.”

— Brad Galloway / Life After Hate Exit Specialist / Former

Your donation will help us


We need to expand to keep pace with the demand for our services! Our vision for 2022 includes hiring more staff to scale up our important work.


We know we can’t do this work alone. Right now, we’re building a network of mental health practitioners who can work with our clients where they live, pro bono or at a reduced rate. In 2022, we aim to train 40 professionals so that they are culturally competent and prepared to meet the very specific needs of our client base.


Taking the step toward changing one’s life is a major decision and it doesn’t happen overnight. More than 50,000 people visited our website in 2021. Our goal is to offer helpful online resources to individuals in need—when they need it. So that they have access to the data and stories that inspire action.