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Dear Friend of Life After Hate

Nearly 14 years ago, Life After Hate began its work. At the time, we were a peer-to-peer organization, where individuals who had successfully disengaged from violent far-right extremism made themselves available to others who were seeking a path out of lives of hate.

Today, we are a multidisciplinary team of licensed professionals, case managers trained as social workers, and peer advisors. This evolution was intentional. Just as hate and ideologically-based violence have changed over the years, so, too, must our approaches. To be successful, we must now offer a wide range of resources and support to those in need.

This month is Mental Health Awareness Month. It provides us, as a community, the time to reflect on how important and essential mental health support is to our work. Whether they be exiting individuals or family and loved ones, those who come to Life After Hate are struggling. The vast majority have experienced trauma in their lives. Mental health professionals are essential to their process, their growth, and their successful reintegration into civil society.

That’s why we recommend all exiting individuals work with professionals licensed in the state where they live. And it is why Life After Hate has developed comprehensive resources and databases to connect individuals with mental health professionals experienced and comfortable working with hateful, violent ideology. It is a non-negotiable for our work and successful disengagement.

Thank you for your ongoing support, encouragement, and trust.

– Pat Riccards

LAH Discusses the “Cost of Extremism”

LAH recently spoke with NBC News regarding the complicated relationship between violent extremism and social media.

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Helping Parents Navigate VFRE

Red Wine and Blue Graphic

Earlier this month, LAH’s Pat Riccards met with more than 200 parents about the growing concern families have about their children being recruited into violent extremism.

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Evolution of “Former”

Formers putting their hands in together in a circle

Pat Riccards recently wrote on the long, complicated path those successfully disengaging from violent extremism take, and how the label “former” should be seen as transitory.

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LAH on Walking Away from Hate

LAH’s Lauren Manning recently spoke with the Did Nothing Wrong podcast on her experiences with violent extremism.

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