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Dear Friend of Life After Hate

This week, the nation recognized Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a day of service. Each year, we do so to remember the legacy of Dr. King and to signal our shared commitment to building a stronger civil society.

While many quotes of MLK’s are shared this time of year, there is one that I focus on. “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Speaking to a group of students in Los Angeles earlier this month, I shared my thinking on the power of hate. I noted that the opposite of hate is indifference, not love. Indifference is what keeps one from effectively tackling the threats of violent far-right extremism. Indifference is what leads us to discount the growing threat of ideology-based violence. Indifference is ultimately what empowers hate in our society.

Love is the strongest tool possible to shed our indifference and helping others successfully disengage from lives of violent extremism. Dr. King knew that as our nation was trying to break through the hate, vitriol, and violence of racism. And as a partner of Life After Hate and a supporter of our work, you share in that much-needed belief.

As we start the new year, know that the entire Life After Hate team appreciates you and the support and trust you show us each and every day.

– Pat Riccards

LAH Named Extremist Intervention NPO of the Year

acquisition international 2023 Global Excellence Awards Winner

LAH’s Pat Riccards recently sat down with editors at the Global Excellence Awards to discuss the work of Life After Hate and the team’s tireless efforts to build safer communities and help individuals successfully disengage from violent extremist groups and online hate spaces.

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Confronting Hate Crimes

Abner Castro Gomez and Floridalma Marroquin said they hadn’t expected to encounter racism in the United States, a country of many cultures, after they immigrated to Beaverton in 2019.Beth Nakamura

Life After Hate recently spoke with The Oregonian about how the criminal justice system currently addresses hate crimes and the value of diversion and probation to help individuals disengage.

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Confronting Ideology-Based Violence

Poster that says; "Destroy White Supremacy" SOURCE: Gabriel C. Pérez / KUT
SOURCE: Gabriel C. Pérez / KUT

In addition to tertiary services such as Exit, Life After Hate is committed to successful public engagement and education efforts to help communities understand the growing threat of violent extremism and take the steps necessary to confront it. Pat Riccards explains on Medium.

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TDF Podcast is Back

The Daily Former Logo

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