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Beginning this week, searching for keywords associated with the violent far-right on Facebook will now include information on how individuals can get in touch with our team.

Online radicalization is a process, not an outcome. Our goal is to insert ourselves in that continuum, so that our voice is there for people to consider as they explore extremist ideologies online.

Radicalization doesn’t begin with violence. It often begins with vulnerabilities and grievances. And we want people to know that we are here to listen to them. That simple gesture can create change.

People exiting far-right extremist groups need ample support to reintegrate into a society that they once attacked; and the roadblocks can often feel insurmountable.

Disengagement and deradicalization are complex, lifelong processes and our ExitUSA™ program provides individualized support, education and referral services that are not readily available in North America.

No judgment, just help.